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  • Newly Designed

    Newly designed crystal jewelry will be updated every month or regularly to serve your soul needs!

  • Crystal Pendant Necklaces (New)

    This is our new range of handcrafted products! All designs are one-of-a-kind and suitable for men and women! The setting is made out of durable clay - but not unbreakable. Thus, care is needed when wearing it, and avoid constant exposure to water. Some water does not cause any problem to it, so wear freely and gently! :)

  • Workshops

    We offer weekly personal growth & enlightenment workshops, weekend classes or just a short few hours session upon request.

  • Personalized Crystal Jewelry

    This piece of personalized crystal jewelry is being intuitively designed according to your personal data, current situation, and your desire changes in life and the whole process is divinely guided by the Source at the same time. We have plenty of requests from our clients to custom made crystal bracelets and healing wraps to personally align...

  • Women's Collection

    Beautiful Women's Crystal Jewelry with quality gemstones. We can custom made this lovely piece of necklace, bangle, earrings, anklet, bracelet and much more according to your desired natural crystals or gemstones.

  • Men's Collection

    Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry are not only meant for women, but it is highly recommended for men as well and even children! Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry are for everyone! Crystal and natural stone jewelry can clear and beautify your aura, so that you are able to magnetize all good things around you including people, career, love, health and...

  • Meditation Yoga Wraps

    Handcrafted meditation and yoga wraps can be worn as bracelet! It is a very high energy intuitively handcrafted jewelry made of good quality crystal, stone and organic seeds and woods, and strung with a strong elastic cord for longer life span!

  • Bohemian Crystal Wraps

    Intuitively Designed Bohemian style Crystal Leather Wraps for Men and Women! These beautiful Leather Wraps are being cleansed and infused with pure love and light from the Universe before deliver to the intended soul. The whole process of making is with good intention with the presence of the Divine, thus will bring good luck and energy to the...

  • Space & Aura Clearing

    3 Reasons for Smudging: Reason #1: Cleanse your space. The smoke from burning herbs contains negative ions (anions) which eliminate positive ions (cations) from the air – a kind of canceling out process. In abundance, cations can ruin our atmospheres and, in turn, our health.When burned, sage and other herbs release large amounts...

  • Raw Quartz Lamps/Geode

    Beautiful Raw Crystal Quartz Lamps are ideal Feng Shui adornments used at Home and Office to cleanse away stagnant energy and any negativity. Fill your space with love and light energy which bring harmony, peace and abundance to your family and your workplace! KINDLY WHATSAPP US AT 012-444 9676 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS ITEM!:)