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Personalized Crystal Jewelry

This piece of personalized crystal jewelry is being intuitively designed according to your personal data, current situation, and your desire changes in life and the whole process is divinely guided by the Source at the same time.

We have plenty of requests from our clients to custom made crystal bracelets and healing wraps to personally align to their energies. A personalized Crystal Jewelry is ideal for those who are looking for improving their current life either in relationship, career, finance, family, business, etc…. or combination of few aspects in their life!

This can be achieved by few email conversations to understand your requirement and some personal data is required as stated below. The whole process is divinely guided by the Source.

Required data for custom making your crystal jewelry:

Date of Birth:
Current Situation:
Wrist Size:

We will send you a photo of the intuitively designed crystal jewelry and a short description of the stones/crystal used, and how does this crystal jewelry may assist you in your journey towards your desired destination.

As usual, we will cleanse, and reiki-charged the crystal jewelry before deliver to you so that it is spiritually align to your energy.

Package includes:
A Reiki-charged Personalized crystal jewelry;
A gift box decorated with a gold ribbon;
A brief description of the crystal jewelry and stone used (by email – environmental friendly)

Note: To confirm your order, we would like to collect a minimum fee of RM100 as deposit, balance of the energy exchange will be required before we deliver your order to you.

Kindly refer to our "Payment Information Page" for more details in making payment.
Always send us an email together with the bank in slip/notice after you have made the payment. Thank you! :)