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Women's Collection

Beautiful Women's Crystal Jewelry with quality gemstones. We can custom made this lovely piece of necklace, bangle, earrings, anklet, bracelet and much more according to your desired natural crystals or gemstones.


  • Crystal Pendants

    Wire wrapping of crystal stones and all pendants are one of a kind designed with love, light and peace!

  • Healing Bracelets

    Handcrafted crystal jewelry for women. Crystal jewelry are all made of good quality of genuine crystal, strung with a strong elastic cord for easy wear.

  • Stone Silver Rings

    Handcrafted crystal/stone rings made of Non-Tarnish Silver, Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver specially for all men & women. You choose your wire and stone/crystal to custom made your ring!

  • Crystal Earrings

    Simple yet elegant designed of crystal earrings made of 925 Sterling Silver Ear Hooks, ideal wear for all occasions!

  • Women's Gemstone Anklets

    Handcrafted Crystal Anklets for all Women!