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Crystal Jewelry Consultant

This is an intensive crystal jewelry making class for those who have passion in natural crystal/stone and would like to incorparate natural stone into jewelry making for beauty and wellness purpose. This class is only for serious person who are currently walking on spiritual path and have some knowledge in natural crystal/stone, or who have a strong passion in crystal/stone jewelry making and keen to learn more.

For those who join this intensive class will have the opportunity to place your “masterpiece” on our website and facebook for selling. You may also have the opportunity to join us as a team to promote our crystal products in the future events. In other words, we treat you as our business partner**

**Terms & Conditions:

Must attend a One-day course in order to be qualified as our Professional Crystal Jewelry Consultant;
Handcrafted crystal jewelry must be approved by us before place on our website;
You are responsible to furnish us your masterpiece images, description and pricing to put on our website;
We will charge a minimal fees from sales proceed as our processing and administrative charges;
We only accept genuine and quality crystal jewelries on our website;
Please email us for more info!