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DIY Crystal Jewelry

Are you looking for something which is special and authentic in the market to present to your loved one as a gift?

Something which can sincerely show your love and care for your loved one, and one of a kind in the market!
Something which can beneficial to them, transform their life and bring peace, love and joy into their life!
Something which is a way you care and love yourself unconditionally!

If yes, then you may consider this project: DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) Crystal Jewelry, guided by our Professional Crystal Jewelry Consultant. This is a one to one session which takes about 2 hours to complete a project of handcrafting your own crystal jewelry.

In this project, we will guide you in selecting the most appropriate crystals for your jewelry, teach you how to handcraft your desired jewelry ie: bracelet, necklace, earrings, anklets, etc! Cleansing of your finished product and lastly it will be packed in a beautiful gift box!

If you are interested, kindly email us for more details (Email address: or
WhatsApp: 012-444 9676