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Inner Balance Healing Bracelet


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Stones used: Green Phantom (7mm), Citrine (Faceted~8mm), Amethyst (7mm) with 925 Sterling Silver "Goddess of Compassion - Mother Kuan Yin" Charm.

Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals specifically work on self-healing and regeneration, and facilitate detoxification. They help to ground excessive emotions into the Earth, thereby helping the user in achieving a state of balance.

Green Chlorite Phantoms are great for helping one recognize the Earth as a living being, and connecting to Her on a soul-level. Many energy workers use Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals when doing global healing, as well as personal and individual healing. Green Chlorite helps to cleanse the aura and align the chakras, and this characteristic is amplified by the Quartz which houses it.

Citrine is an ideal stone for eliminating fears, give you courage and confidence in your life.  Regain your personal power in order to have confidence in creating what you want in your life. 

Amethyst is a stone for spiritual awareness, promote peace of mind and calmness, stress relieve.  Ideal for those who have insomnia problem. 

Wrist Size:  6.25 inches (Stretchable)

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