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Moldavite - Change & Spiritual Healing (S001)


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Moldavite is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration.

In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfilment of wishes.

These natural green crystals are powerful stones for transformation, as it is thought to be the stone known as "The Holy Grail Stone."

It is an amazing crystal to create change in your life, and is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect to your aura when you are wearing it.

This beautiful green stone can affect any or all of the chakras but it major effect is on the heart chakra, which resonates the vibration of love.

This stone has a powerful crystal energy that is known to stimulate highly beneficial occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

As a healing crystal it is a valuable tool that can create an amazing healing response in the individual, as it raises the vibration of other stones in its vicinity.

This will create an overall stronger healing vibration. 

Size:  2.5cm (L) x 2cm (W)
Weight: 7.3g
Wire:  Stainless Steel
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Certificate No: LGJ00074433 (crystal come with certificate)

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