1. Crystal is the Treasures of Mother Earth – it can be found and mined from special places around the world. The structures and colors of crystal are formed differently according to their minerals contained in it, and how the atoms absorb light.
2. The raw crystal will then be sent to polish and reshape into different sizes and different shapes to satisfy the market needs. The crystals that we are using here for jewelry making are from Brazil, USA, etc and… were specially selected based on their quality and powerful healing energy. Thus, all are of good quality with high vibrational healing energy.
3. Our crystal jewelries are intuitively handcrafted for a special reason which will only be understood by the intended souls who wear it. For Personalized Crystal Jewelry, we will usually need to collect some personal data of the intended soul, so that we can design the crystal jewelry solely based on his/her energy at that moment. The personalized crystal jewelry is only one of a kind for the intended soul! You won’t get the 2nd piece with the same design from my shop.
4. The crystal jewelry will then be cleansed, infused and sealed with the highest vibrational healing energy from the Universe by a qualified Reiki Practitioner so that it bring peace, joy, balance, abundance and harmony into the intended soul life. Transformation starts which will drive him/her to a better life!
5. Finally, we will courier(domestic)/ship (international) your order to your doorstep after properly packed and email you the description of your personalized crystal jewelry, the crystal used as well as the “Affirmation” of wearing the personalized crystal jewelry.

The whole process of intuitively handcrafting your crystal jewelry is carried out with good intention, love, devotion and compassion so that it will beneficial to those who attracted to these lovely piece of crystal jewelry.