Dear Lovely Souls,

I am Ally, an intuitive jewelry artist for  I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher!

Welcome to this page of creative handmade jewelry divinely guided by the Source. You are being called for by the Source to this lovely piece of jewelry in order to guide you in your path of enlightenment and have a wonderful change in your life! Have faith!

Each and every piece of my handmade jewelry on is made by connecting my inner-self with the Source, thus it is specially made for a reason for someone who will take them home. And that reason will only be known by the one who bought it and connecting herself with the crystal/stone!

In the process of making this lovely piece of jewelry, I always place myself in a very deep peace and meditative state of mind in order to connect my inner self to the Source. I will light a candle and fill my room with the highest vibrational love and light energies before I started to design my jewelry.

By doing this, the handmade jewelry will bring healing effect and positive energies to the wearer. All my Healing Jewelry is made with good intention, love, devotion and compassion so that it will beneficial to those who attracted to their energies.

After the energy jewelry is made, it will be cleansed and re-charged with the highest Universal energies of Love before send it to the intended Soul!

I always believe that only the right person will be attracted to my energy jewelry with healing properties which for sure will bring her a good change in life for a better future with more joy, abundance, love and light from the divine!

Do always remember that you are a child of God, you are always loved!


Other Related Qualifications:
Aura-Soma Practitioner
Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner
Angel & Osho Card Reading
A Course In Light (A Spiritual Path for Enlightenment)
A Path into Light Practitioner

Testimonials from Our Clients:

"Just would like to let you know that this lovely wrap enables me to open my heart to myself. Before this I've been seeking specifically for health, prosperity, depression, self-esteem, etc when I realised I'm probably seeking for holistic happiness or well-being as you put it. Perhaps it's also due to my hormones at this age. With this particular wrap I can feel the healing energy - my uncertainties and depression is lessened, my body feels better, I'm more focused, thoughts are clearer and I'm more open to others. And I want to thank you and I will continue to share the experience with my friends and family. Once I receive the other wraps, I hope to gift to my loved ones so that they will also get the positive energy."
by Anonymous from Petaling Jaya (Year 2015)
Product Purchased: Personalization of crystal jewellery 

"The personalization crystal wrap that i bought from you has helped to calm me down when i am depressed n stress for my works"
by Eunice Bong from Petaling Jaya (Year: 2015)
Product Purchased:  Personalization of crystal jewellery

"The personalised bracelets I got from you is treating me well. I could feel the calmness and energy - in fact my gastric/stress symptoms has reduced. I also feel happier and not so 'heavy' mentally."
by Yvonne Loh from Petaling Jaya (Year: 2015)
Product Purchased:  Personalization of crystal jewellery

"Since I've started wearing the Labradorite crystal, all my physical symptoms caused by the energy imbalance have completely vanished and I regained my health almost immediately. What particularly amazes me is that medical practitioners for several years have never been able to diagnose the cause for the effects on my digestion and the extreme fatigue I tend to experience. You are a blessing and I'm eternally grateful to you Ally . Thank you:)"  by Vignesh (Date: 22 August 2014)
Product Purchased: Labradorite Silver Ring (RS001)

“I'm so thankful for these bracelets because it is what I needed! I found the answers I need to achieve my spiritual enlightenment over the weekend” by L.Y from Sabah (Date: 30 April 2013)
Product Purchased: Amethyst & Quartz Healing Wrap (SGW008)
Bloodstone Healing Wrap (SGW009)
Palo Santo Smudge Stick (SGH005)

“The necklace has been serving me absolutely well. Its energy is amazing. It keeps me on my toes with no sign of tiredness and it has been helping to keep my coffee addiction at bay!” by Kamini Raja Singgam from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (Date: 28 February 2013)
Product Purchased: Abundance & Grounding Smoky Quartz Necklace (SGN001)

"You are such an amazing gift to the world Ally and thank you so much for helping me and also helping and touching other's life around! I'm so thankful to have crossed path with you. The angels definitely guides people to you for help and healing!! :))) I can't wait to start my inner journey, it's like an adventure!"  by L.Y from Sabah (Date: 26 July 2013)
Product Purchased: Distance Healing & Card Reading

"Received everything today and you know what am so so happy with my stuffs thank you so much for the things you made as my wish... i am really satisfied with the things... " by Maya from Canada (Date: 19 November 2013)
Product Purchased: Personalized meditation wrap and bracelet according to her Date Of Birth
"Very responsible seller..." by Kleine Ong from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (Date: 22 November 2013)
Product Purchased: Personalized Meditation Wrap for his wife according to her Date of Birth

"The rose quartz wrap I bought from you has changed my whole life... I am in a relationship now…and thank you so much for the wrap and the blessing u did in that… i really like to be a customer for you cuz you are a good understanding person..."  by Maya from Canada (Date: 11 December 2013)
Product Purchased: Personalized 108 Mala Necklace with a clear quartz Buddha Pendant; Personalized Lovely Crystal Wrap

"Im thankful for lightworkers such as you for helping to spread love and light to those who are in need and the distance is limitless! Its amazing to hear you are spreading love to as far of as US n Canada!! What wonderful blessings the Angels is providing you and the ones in need!"
by L.Y from Sabah (Date: 11 January 2014)
Product Purchased: Energy Healing & Consultation

"Hi Ally, just received your parcel!   Love it to the Max!!!  :) Tqvm!"  
by Anonymous from Kuala Lumpur (Date: 21 January 2014)
Product Purchased:  Personalized Crystal Wrap 

"During the session, i felt sensations on my forehead and slowly i felt it strongly on my upper body. I felt sensations running thru my body. I did feel like a sharp pain at my heart, stomach and lower abdomen. Overall, the feeling was calming and i felt relaxed."
by Monica from Kuala Lumpur (Date: 8 March 2014)
Product Purchased: Energy Healing Session

"I had a wonderful day yesterday as in I slept well without getting up at all at night which is seldom as I am always getting up in the middle of the night and it felt good after such a long time to get sleep. I noticed there is a change in my behavior as well .. :) which is awesome."
by Monica from Kuala Lumpur (Date: 8 March 2014)
Product Purchased: Energy Healing Session