Our intuitively handcrafted crystal jewelry are always being cleansed and infused with pure love and light energy from the Universe before deliver to your doorstep.  Thus, you can wear it right away once you receive our crystal jewelry. Although there are many ways in the market that you can cleanse your crystal jewelry, but the easiest way that we usually advise our clients is to cleanse it once every week or anytime when you feel to do so - trust your feeling!  You will know when to cleanse it!  

The easiest ways of cleansing crystal jewelry are as below:  

1.  Cleanse it under running tap water (clear water without detergent for few minutes);  or

2.  Smudge it with incense/sage leave/palo santo; or

3.  If you have a cluster or rock crystal at home, you can rest your crystal jewelry onto it to cleanse and recharge at the same time before you go to bed (as shown on photo below). 

Care for Your Crystal Jewelry:

1.  Avoid direct contact with chemical things ie: perfume, detergent...etc.  As these are natural and genuine crystals from mother earth;

2.  Keep it in a jewelry box or pouch if you are not wearing it;

3.  Take it off when you take bath and before go to bed;

4.  Your care and love for your crystal is essential to have a better connection with it in order to serve you better! :)

Cleansing and recharging are steps you'll want to repeat periodically.

Cleanse and Recharge your crystal at home before sleep

Cleanse and Recharge your crystal by resting it on a quartz cluster when you go to bed (remember to cleanse your quartz cluster under running water when you feel to do so)